How to Safely Mount Items of Valuable Art onto Walls

There are now a number of professional wall hanging companies in the Brisbane area. Most reputable companies can hang just about everything from pieces of art to flat screen TVs. A lot of wall hanging companies work mainly in the commercial sector with many even undertaking installations for the vending machine business. Like any other business, the vending machine sector needs to have its products displayed in a professional and stylish way. So, if you are in business, why not contact a professional wall hanging company to hang display items of your products.

Commercial Wall Hanging Services

Many hotels and casinos on the Gold Coast often require the professional services of an experienced wall hanging company. This is mainly for hanging framed pictures as well as the occasional vending machine. A vending machine supplier will often contact a wall-mounting specialist when a customer needs to have a machine securely fixed to one of its walls. It is vital that all vending machines that are in public places like restaurants or bars are mounted in a way that is completely safe and secure.

Wall Mounted Units

A professional wall hanging company will often be asked to securely mount vending machines to the walls of bars and restaurants. In fact, in the vending machine business, it is vital all machines are correctly fitted to the wall. A cigarette or candy vending machine can be very heavy when fully loaded, so it needs to be professionally mounted by an experienced wall hanging company.

Promotional Wall Hangings

Many companies use the services of wall hanging companies to mount framed posters or photographs of their products; these are generally hung in their business premises or sometimes at trade fairs or exhibitions. Companies such as a dedicated vending machine supplier will often use the services of a professional wall hanging firm to mount framed photographs of its machines. The vending machine sector, like any other business area needs to have high quality mounted photographs of its products for its clients and customers to see.

Wall Mounting Companies

A good wall mounting company will be able to fix a wide range of items to your walls. Some of the most common items, include:

  • Framed paintings
  • Framed photographs
  • Vending machines
  • Framed mirrors
  • Wall hangings
  • Sculptures

So, if you are thinking about mounting something valuable to your wall, contact an experienced wall hanging company to make sure that it is safe and secure. Most professional mounting firms charge very reasonable rates, with most installations only taking a few hours to complete.

Art Hanging

If you have valuable items of art that need to be mounted to your wall, you really should contact a professional wall hanging specialist. It would be very unwise to just bang a nail into your wall and attempt the mounting process on your own. A professional wall hanging specialist will be able to drill and fix wall plugs into your walls that will be able to take the weight of even the heaviest of sculptures.