Turn Your Home into a Picture-Perfect Reception Venue with These 5 Tips

Do you have a spacious backyard? Do you have a front yard that's spacious enough to accommodate a good number of guests? Does your home have a functional layout and a picture-perfect structural design? If you've answered yes to these questions - congratulations! Your home can pass for a wedding ceremony and reception venue.

The best thing about having vows made at home is that you don't need to rent a hotel room and bridal car. All you need to do is hire a good commercial wedding photographer in Sydney to document the whole event.

To get you started with the home makeover, these pointers might be of help:

  • Consult experts regarding the best décor to have. Before you even start with beautifying the place, talk with an interior decorator on how best to spruce up your home. Basically, this would focus more on the theme of the event (e.g. white wedding, summer chic).
  • Decorate your interiors. You should make the interiors presentable and chic. And it would be good to work closely with the wedding planner and interior designer to do this task. Specifically, this may include installing the best curtains, floor covers and lighting fixtures. You may also call a wall hanging experts to hang a choice of wall art, framed paintings, and laminated family pictures. Doing this can help you personalise the area to suit the taste of the couple.
  • Beautify the outdoor area. It's a must to spruce up the outdoor area to give the guests more space to lounge. You can have garden furniture (e.g. benches, swings), and be sure to cover these up with chic linens. Place potted flowering plants and have good shelter options for your guests, too. All these can make your outdoors picture-perfect.
  • Make the entire area more spacious. You would also want to maximise your space to ensure comfort and style for the attendees and couples. Remember, this is also a good way to give your commercial wedding photographer in Sydney several awesome, picture-material views. So make sure to use space-saving storage options to de-clutter your interiors. And if ever you're planning to add in more furnishings, opt for those that don't take up too much space. Or better yet, be resourceful. Use whatever you already have to avoid additional expenses on décor.

With these home redecoration tips, you can surely make your place a picture-perfect venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. You might also like to get more insights from this article about receptions for home weddings.