Choosing Art for Your Living Room: A Step-by-step Guide

A living room is a public space. It's where you accept visitors. You want it this area to showcase your interests as well. Putting up works of art on your walls doesn't just contribute to aesthetics. It can also be a way of making your guests feel more welcome.

In this article, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on selecting the right kind of art.

  1. Start by identifying the areas you want to fill. Note that the size of an artwork should always be in scale with the space where it will be hanged. For example, large pieces should go on large spaces (e.g. an entire wall or over the mantle).
  2. Like other parts of the house, the living room might already have its own theme. Note whether its formal or casual. Your artwork of choice will depend on the mood that has been created within the said space.
  3. Look for interesting pieces but keep it wholesome. It's best to avoid anything too controversial. Go for scenery done in watercolour and abstract paintings. Leave the dead animals or erotica statues in a more private part of the house.
  4. Display contrasting categories together. Hang them wall by wall. Pair sepia -toned photographs can go well with dessert landscapes.
  5. Make sure to frame the pieces well if they're on paper. Use quality mats and seal the backs. You should also have matching frames for artworks that belong in the same category.
  6. Certain types of art suit certain seasons. A painting you can display in December might incur damage from direct sunlight come June.

It might be tempting to use the DIY approach when hanging artwork. However, if you want quality results, best leave it to the professionals.

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Adding that sentimental touch...

Your choice of artwork depicts your personal style. However, personal photos give your living room that homey appeal. Your children's portraits ought to be displayed in the aforementioned area. Pictures taken during significant events should also have a place too. Don't waste those high quality shots that Sydney-based wedding photographer took.

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