Home Entertaining: Brilliant Tips to Prepare Your Place for a Soiree

When you think of hosting a party, chances are you imagine your friends enjoying your home-cooked meals and having a great time together. But, before you can get to that part, there are preparations you have to make to ensure you and your home are party ready.

Rearrange the seats

Just for the night, change the seating arrangement in your main living room such that there is enough space for guests to mingle. The idea is to provide ample seating and floor space for maximum comfort, for intimate conversations and for interactions. Positioning chairs and lounges near a fireplace or fire pit also helps to bring people together. Aside from seats, make sure to provide extra side tables for keeping nibbles and drinks on.

Provide conversation pieces

A great way to eliminate any awkwardness in the air, decorate your home with things that can be a great conversation starter for guests. This can be anything from paintings to canvas prints, sculptures and wall hangings. To make sure they catch the attention of people, consult an art hanging professional who knows how to arrange and install wall decorations to make them visually interesting. Another way to encourage guests to converse and mingle is by hiring Premier photo booths in Perth. Photo booths allow people to let loose and embrace their quirky side. It's a sure-fire way to get your guests talking about your party - for all the right reasons.

Keep the decorations minimal

For adult parties, you don't have to fuss about confetti, balloons and other embellishments. Keep it minimal yet lovely by creating eye-candy table centrepieces, floral arrangements and some personalised party essentials. Take into account the scale of your decorations to the space - too many décor and the room will look like a carnival, too few ornaments and the room will look like a pity.

Set the mood with lighting

Lighting changes the look and feel of a room in an instant. To set the tone for a cosy evening, use candles, lanterns and mood lighting all over the place. Dim lights lets people lower their inhibitions, making them more apt to socialise and eat heartily. However, make sure there's enough illumination to allow people to see what they're eating, who they're talking too and where they're going. Moreover, ambient lighting helps make your home look great in photos or videos. Or, you can skip the struggle of capturing high-quality photos and videos by hiring professionals, such as the following:

Prep your kitchen

In every party, there are always early birds, and guests always go where the action is. So, if you know you'll have food preparations to make at the last minute, make sure to clear out a portion of kitchen where guests can linger while you do your work. If they insist on helping you out, reserve small tasks for them, such as putting bread rolls in baskets, arranging cupcakes on the cake stand or chopping some garnish for the salad. This way, you won't get too harried, and they won't feel too guilty watching you do everything.

If it's your first time hosting a party, you're probably also wondering how you can be a good host. Well, the fact that you went the extra mile to ensure your guests will be comfortable in your home is already one step towards success. But, really, all that's left to do is to ensure there's enough food and booze for everyone and to provide some entertainment. Most of all, you should have fun and enjoy your own party.

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