Different Kinds of Photos You Can Use to Decorate Your Wall

Decorating walls with photos is a trend that isn't outdated, and it remains one of the most effective techniques in bringing personality and interest to walls. So, let your wall be a point of attraction and a conversation starter for guests visiting your home by calling us here at All About Art Hanging for prompt, reliable, and hassle-free solution to all of your picture and mirror hanging needs.

But here’s an important question, what kind of pictures are best for decorating? Here are a few suggestions:

Wedding photos in the living room (for newlyweds)

New home and new life. There's an exciting future ahead, but the wonderful times you had on your big day can easily get lost in the haze when stress and all other family issues arise. Keep your relationship in perspective and don’t forget just how much happy times you've shared by having your wedding pictures, as well as pre-nuptial photos, as a décor in your living room.

If you are yet to tie the know, make sure to hire professional photographers to ensure that you get only the best pictures of your wedding day for your home's future décor. And to make sure that it'll be fun, get a wedding photo booth rental and choose from among your guests' pictures something you can add in your wall decoration.

Family get-together pictures

That adventuresome camping trip, those bright summers by the beach, and all your colourful Christmas holidays – all of those are worthy displaying on your walls. You can have these portraits in the living room, hallway, bedrooms and even the kitchen. These are some memories you shouldn’t leave in the photo albums to fade and dust. These are some great moments you want everyone in the family to remember; these are some thing you want to share with guests.

Old family portraits, childhood pictures

People come and go, children grow, and years are added into our lives. There's no better way to preserve the memories and honour loved ones who had passed than keeping them in our memories through pictures – and these are some things you want to share to younger generations. So have those old photos framed and create some sort of like a memorial photo wall for all members of the family.

Travel pictures

If you're not the sentimental type, on the other hand, and you believe in celebrating life and fulfilling your inner wanderlust – share your love for exploring the world by having some of your most epic travel photos framed and hang on your walls. It will surely be hard for guests not notice all the colourful pictures, the wonderful scenery, the recognisable attractions, and many wonderful places on the portrait, making it easier for them to start a conversation and giving them a glimpse of the adventurous life you lead.

Those wedding photo booth rental photos, travel pictures, and family get-together portraits are just some of the things you can hang on your wall. If you need more advice and help in decorating your wall, just give us a visit to learn more about our services.