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There are now a number of dedicated art and mirror hanging companies in Brisbane that can offer professional wall mounting services. A professional hanging service will be able to install most wall-mounted items, including paintings and large framed photographs. If you are soon to be married, there are many firms that specialise in wedding photography in Sydney that will be able to put you in touch with professional hanging services. This, of course, means that your wedding photos will be installed into your home in a safe and secure manner.

Wall Hanging Services

A professional wall hanging company will be able to offer you a number of services. Some of the most commonly used services, include:

  • Photograph hanging
  • Sculpture installations
  • Flat screen TV mounting
  • Painting and picture hanging
  • Mirrors and cabinets

Most reputable companies will be able to come to your home and fix your wall-mounted items in absolutely no time at all. It’s a very fast and easy way to get all of your valuable wall items mounted in a secure and safe way.

Mounting Wedding Photographs

Most people have a mounted photograph of their wedding day to remind them of the happy occasion. Many happy couples even get their photos enlarged and have them framed in a nice picture frame and hang them on the walls in a prime position. To do this safely, a lot of newlyweds call a company that specialises in wedding photography in Sydney to get the name of a reputable hanging firm. Once they have contacted the firm, all they need to do is show the hanger where they would like the photo mounted. Most good mounting services will be able to install a wedding photograph in less than half an hour.

Professional Wall Mounting

A professional wall mounting company will be able to install various installations in a number of buildings. These will include:

  1. Residential homes
  2. Commercial buildings
  3. Hotels and restaurants
  4. Charities
  5. Government buildings
  6. Shops
  7. Sports clubs
  8. Galleries and museums

A professional wall mounting service will be able to hang any kind of item to your walls in a safe and secure manner. Most firms can even offer their services on the weekend for your complete convenience.

Flat Screen TVs

Flat screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular all over Australia. Many people even mount TVs in their kitchens and bathrooms so that they can watch their favourite programmes whilst cooking lunch or taking a bath. To make sure that the units are correctly secured, many homeowners call a professional wall mounting service. A dedicated wall hanging service will ensure that all of your wall-mounted items are safe and completely secure.


A reputable wall hanging service will be able to offer you a one year guarantee on all work carried out in your home or place of business. The company will also have a good public liability insurance to cover any damage in the unlikely event of an accident or fallen hanging.