Here are 3 Ideas for a Cosy and Liveable Studio Apartment

There’s no way you can deny it. Your new home in Sydney is basically one big room. Only the wall dividers tell you where the bedroom ends and kitchen begins. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t shower this space with a bit of love.

A studio apartment might not be big on space, but it has a lot to offer. For one, it can easily exude a cosy ambience. The trick here is to add necessary elements. This includes furniture, storage boxes and perhaps a fresh coat of paint.

This article contains a handful of ideas on how you can make the most out of a skimpy space.

Have a Plan

You don’t have the luxury of excess square footage. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is create a design strategy. Do you remember those elements we talked about? Ponder on them. Think about what kind of fabric or print will suit your apartment.

It also helps if you have an objective in mind when creating a design plan. Let’s say you wanted to make the interiors appear larger. To achieve this, use a monochromatic palette. Use it on the walls, carpets and even the drapes. Implementing this technique doesn’t have to mean giving up on vivid hues. Those stunning reds and bright yellows, in fact, can be incorporated in your room of choice.

Get decorative items in the right size

Speaking of accessories, make sure to get them in the right size. You’re dealing with limited space here so your decorative items should be scaled down. Unless you want your studio apartment to look cluttered, having a few key pieces will do just fine. For instance, a scenic watercolour painting on the living room wall already makes a great accent. Hire the services of professional art hangers to get the angle just right.

Pick out appliances in complementary shades

That burst of colour should not only be reserved for sofa cushions or side table toppers. Your essential electronics can pick up the existing design scheme too. If you have a burgundy and light green motif, choose a food processor or electric kettle that comes in of these shades.

Below are some useful resources when shopping for the right appliance sets: