3 Must-Have Gadgets to Turn a Room into a Functioning Home Theatre

Whether you have intended a space for an entertainment area or are planning to use a corner of an existing room, creating this room requires more than just the basic knowledge of audio-visual technology. After all, both acoustic and visual elements have to be incorporated in the overall design. Every facet of a home theatre must be considered carefully – from proper lighting to the right electronics.

To get you started on the right foot, here are some basic things and electronic devices that you will need to equip your home theatre:

A home theatre system

Bring the experience of a real theatre into your home by having Blu-ray or DVD copies of your most loved films or your favourite music to complete your home theatre system. You’ll find quality home theatre packages, communication gadgets and other electronic devices from Exeltek, an Australian-based communication specialist.

If you're going to create a network among your smart devices, enlist the help of specialist. This is especially important if you're considering using All Data main distribution frame jumpering for your telephone lines.

Drinks and snacks machines

What better way to make film watching at home more theatre-like than with drinks and snacks vending machines? Talk to local theatre vendors if interested in renting one. Trend Vend offers drink vending machines that are made from 90% recyclable materials.


Hang pictures and artworks, neon and LED strip lights, film reel décors or theatre lights on walls and ceilings to maximise the “theatrical” effect.

You may also hang personalised canvas art on the walls through Photogifts.co.uk, the online shop that can help you display your works of art at home.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and already have some basic home theatre equipment, you can upgrade your entertainment room by adding a couple of new speakers, rugs or carpets for better sound reflection and other not-too-expensive devices.

Considering the amount of appliances you need to plug in, you'll have to make sure the electric system for the entertainment area can support all of them. For this complicated task, it is better to hire the services of electrical contractors in Brisbane and/or platinum electrical contractors.