4 Nifty Ways to Turn Your Home into a Family Timeline Album

Yes, you can buy hardbound albums and picture frames for your family pictures. But based on our experience in hanging wall art and paintings, it's even better to make your entire home a photo album in itself. This is a great way to have every corner of the house bring you back to each happy memory in your life as a family.

If you like this home decoration concept, you might like to apply the following pointers:

  • Don't miss any opportunity to take good photos. You've surely hired a wedding photographer on your big day, right? Now that you've recently delivered your first child, why not hire a baby photography expert from Perth to take photos of the first poses, smiles and cries of your newborn?
  • Fill the hallways with family pics. The hallways connecting rooms are perfect places where you can place your huge family portraits. You can hang here your pics from reunions, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, and graduation ceremonies. Quick tip: You can also make a family tree of your photos to help your children and grandchildren be familiar with their relatives.
  • Label your children's rooms using photos, instead of plain names. It would also be nice to hang framed portraits of your children on the doorway of their rooms. This is to make them feel extra special. Quick tip: It would be good to hire a baby photographer from Perth to take pictures during different life events (e.g. Christening, first birthday, elementary graduation).
  • Display the best pics in your living and dining room. Lastly, be sure to place your photos in areas of the house where it's most noticeable. Use them as accents to your living room centre table. You can also place them on the kitchen walls to add colour to the area and complement the otherwise bare-looking drawers and ceiling.

With these pointers, you'll surely be able to add a family-oriented ambience to your home interior. You only need to hire a baby photography professional from Perth to take pictures and a wall art installation expert to hang your framed family portraits.