Splendid Ideas to Having a Personal Wall of Pride

Does your living room have a huge blank space on the walls? Are you thinking of turning it into something more meaningful? Perhaps you want to display the images taken from your Sydney wedding photography on those walls. Take note that hanging photos or artwork doesn't just involve piercing a nail into them. They require a bit of creativity and of course, knowledge of the best ways to highlight what you want to showcase.

Fortunately, there are experts knowledgeable in optimal picture hanging solutions that you can hire for this task. With their help, you can execute these great concepts for accessorising your walls in a way that you can be very proud of:

Wedding Photos

Do you have a high quality wedding photo? Then have it on a massive picture frame and display it in your living room. It's ideal to have it on the wall that people will first see when they enter your home. It's as if the moment they come in, they'll know who owns the house. And since it's a wedding photo, people will have the impression that you are proud of your marriage and that you value your family.

If you have a creative Newcastle wedding photography professional hired on your big day, you'll definitely have a stunning array of great pictures. And if you have a long line of blank, boring walls in the house, you might want to hang a couple of those photos to tell a story from the pre-nuptial shots to the wedding party night, or even honeymoon photos if you want. This means that in case you're still looking for a Sydney wedding photography expert, it would be ideal to check the prices to see what other photos are included in the package.

Family Pictures

What better way to show your pride for your family than to showcase their photos around the house. Just make sure that your family members have their portraits taken in a nice way; otherwise, they'll be very embarrassed every time there are visitors in your home. Luckily, there are professional photographers who are experienced in shooting stunning portraits.

Personal Artworks

Do you happen to be a digital or sketch artist, a painter or even a landscape photographer? Then perhaps you have this one great artwork that you are so proud of. Why not have it in an intricately decorated frame and hang it on the wall? Even if you have more than one favourite, you can still hang them together in a layout that's pleasing to the eye. For inspiration, you can browse through these photos of how other people display artworks. Not only will these works of art enhance the appeal of your home interior, they can also motivate you to do more and to continue creating great masterpieces.

Sports Uniforms

If you're an athlete who has been active for many years now, then perhaps you have kept some of your prized jerseys and sports uniforms. You can showcase them in your home, perhaps along the corridors, by putting them in a frame. Perhaps you can label them using an engraved metal, just like they do in museums. By displaying these items in visible places, you can often reminisce those days and relive the memories. It can also motivate you to do your best on the sports you're engaged in.

Awards and Medals

It's a great honour to receive prestigious medals and awards for your work, whether in music, literature, sports or even in school activities. So it just makes sense that you have them displayed in prominent places of your house, not just for the visitors to see but also as a reminder to yourself that you can achieve great things. You can have these worthy items framed and labelled. You can also display them with photos and souvenirs associated with those awards, such as a picture of you receiving your medal or your winning piece of artwork.

So which one of these concepts will best suit you? Whether it's the stunning wedding photography from a Sydney professional or your great works of art, make sure to have the services of picture hanging experts who can lend you a hand in turning an otherwise drab house into a welcoming home with a story to tell.