A How-To Guide on Creating a Dramatic Entertainment Room

An entertainment room can be a perfect place to watch your favourite films all over again, bond with family and friends, and spend recreation time at home. To build a home theatre and design it in a creative and unique way, seek ideas below:

Hang Frames of Your Favourite Artists or Movies

Images never fail to create artistry especially when it comes to room design; so, why not display pictures of your favourite Hollywood celebrities? You could also invest in colourful and unique canvas wall art from Urban Road Pty Ltd to make your theatre room jump with life. If you are into music, consider hanging frames of your favourite singers or bands. Also, you could hang framed pictures of your all-time fave films! This decorative idea can be easy by hiring us at All About Art Hanging. We install paintings, sculptures, wall hangings and even wall-mounted flat screen televisions. Through our creative pictures and art hanging services, you won’t find it hard to decorate your theatre-inspired entertainment room!

Install Elegant Furniture

The presence of comfortable seats, such as wooden bar stools from LivingStyles for your mini bar, can go a long way in making your entertainment area one of the most go-to places in your house! Make sure you also provide comfortable couches that can accommodate a number of people. Also, go for stylish upholstered couches so you can make your own theatre room look effortlessly neat and elegant. Aside from couches, you should consider investing in a coffee table, television stand and DVD storage equipment that would complete your entertainment area.

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Add Dramatic Accessories

Rugs, throw pillows, curtains and figurines are some of the decorative items that you may install in your entertainment room. These do not only fill the blank spaces but also add colour and texture to one of the most important parts of your home.

Invest in cow hide rugs and cushions from NSW Leather Co. Pty Ltd. to create an elegant ambiance!

Add decorative homewares from Wheel&Barrow, such as candles, tealight holders and vases to complete a dramatic interior design!

Choose Fabulous Flooring

With the right flooring, any room in the house can look stunning! Make your entertainment room shine by choosing a stylish yet functional floor to install. Then, let the professionals do the installation for you so you can have quality results.

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On the other hand, you can try rubber tiles for that simple yet classic look.

Decorating an entertainment room can be cooler and more interesting if you give any of these creative ideas a try. Moreover, it pays to not forget about making sure that your entertainment room and your entire house is always secured by working with a company like www.apexlocksmiths.com.au for lock installations. In addition, in case your entertainment room has a washing area, you might want to install some water filters Australia. And don't forget to make sure the electrical system is fully functional so that all appliances are powered up. If the task is too daunting for you to handle alone, you could hire the assistance of electricians in Brisbane.