Dressing Up Bare Walls with the Right Wall Hangings

It's so easy to personalise a home or office. Simply choose one of your favourite pictures, have it made into one of those canvas prints in Australia and voila! You'll have a space that you can really call your own. It bears your stamp, after all.

Decorating a space, however, should have variety, so it won't look too monotonous and dull. This means you'll need to mix small photo canvas prints with large ones as well as painting, tapestry and the like. With all the choices available, it's imperative that you choose the wall hangings that will work for a particular space. How?

  1. Pick one based on the dimensions

A lot of factors can influence the ideal type of wall hanging, including the size of the room, style and your taste. Suffice to say that there's no such thing as the perfect size, and what painting works for someone else's home may not necessarily work for you. One thing you should remember is that the “golden rectangle” of the proportion of the wall hangings provide the most visual appeal. This means that every other piece of wall hangings should be proportionate to the biggest one when put together. This concept is otherwise known as the golden ratio, where the length should be about 1.6 times the width. Remember to follow this ratio when having cheap canvas prints made, or when shopping for artworks.

  1. Pick one based on placement

Because empty spaces must be allocated between the edges of the walls, ceilings, doors and window frames, you must pick a piece that will fit accordingly. It must not be too big to reach the ceiling, but also not too small as to have very little to no impact. You should also consider how the wall hangings will be arranged. Because variety is what you're after, they must not be arranged in line with the tops or bottoms of the window frames or doors. To keep them from being knocked out, they must be a hand's breadth away from doors as well. You can spare yourself any confusion by hiring hanging and installation services.

  1. Pick one based on colour and style

Unless you're creating an art gallery, you must take into account existing furnishings and paint in a room. The best wall hangings should complement the colour scheme of a space. So, when choosing a picture to be made as canvas prints in Australia, consider the wall paint, furniture items and other decorations. The same thing is true when shopping for tapestry, artworks and the like.

  1. Pick one based on location

Both the living and dining room are usually the largest areas in the house, which makes large canvas prints and paintings ideal as wall hangings. Just make sure they're more formal and have a strong theme. The bedroom, on the other hand, needs something more personal, and you can afford to let loose your creative streak in this part of the house. As for the kitchen and bathroom, the choice of wall decorations must withstand moisture and smell.

If there's one part of the house that requires a careful choice of wall accents, the hall will be it. If it's long and narrow, pick wall hangings that are large and rectangular. If it's large, small pieces arranged similar to an art gallery will be suitable.

Whichever is the case, you must ensure that wall hangings are arranged properly and given the right amount of emphasis. To this end, work with art and wall hanging installers.